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About Le Yaca

About LeYaca

Le Yaca started in 1964/65, in a little village, in the French Alps. This little village, Le Praz, is located about 8 kilometers below a now very international ski resort: Courchevel. At the time, it was just a promising skiing destination. When Gerard Gormier showed Daniele Bourderau a house in the village, given to him by his father, with a big fireplace, right away she knew it would make a charming and interesting restaurant. That was the beginning of what became the first Le Yaca. The brilliant remodeling of the house into a restaurant, original menu and warm hospitality, assured this little place an immediate success during the winter season.

Daniel Abid

Daniel Abid

In 1968, the second “Le Yaca” opened in Saint-Tropez for the spring and summer and was also an immediate success.

1980 was the year the third Le Yaca moved to the United States and established itself in Williamsburg, at a Kingsmill area location. Daniel Abid was one of the first chefs at the Williamsburg location. His talent as a chef, organizer and teacher of young assistants has helped the restaurant to gain its reputation.

In 2001, he bought Le Yaca. His consistency in preparing good food with excellent products made it even more successful.

January 16, 2014 marked the opening of the fourth Le Yaca at the High Street Location. Daniel and Joy Abid have respected the same ambiance (with a little help of the original creators).

Long live Le Yaca!